Corporate Tax Preparation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Your Guide to Financial Success

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to corporate tax preparation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As a business owner, you understand the importance of staying on top of your financial obligations and maximizing your tax benefits. Effective tax planning is crucial for the success and growth of your company.


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Corporate Tax Preparation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada: Your Guide to Financial Success

Welcome to your comprehensive guide to corporate tax preparation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As a business owner, you understand the importance of staying on top of your financial obligations and maximizing your tax benefits. Effective tax planning is crucial for the success and growth of your company. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of corporate tax preparation, provide valuable insights, and offer professional guidance to help you navigate the complex world of taxation.

Understanding Corporate Tax in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Corporate tax returns can be complex and time-consuming, requiring a thorough understanding of the tax laws and regulations in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. BOMCAS Canada is a renowned accounting firm providing services to clients in Calgary that specialize in corporate tax preparation. Their dedicated teams of Accountants have years of experience helping businesses achieve their financial goals.

Corporate tax is a mandatory requirement for all businesses operating in Canada. It involves reporting the financial information of your company to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and calculating the amount of income tax owed. Corporate tax returns are more intricate than personal tax returns, as they require you to report your balance sheet, income, owners, distributions, payroll, and indirect taxes (such as GST).

The Benefits of Professional Corporate Tax Preparation Services

When it comes to corporate tax preparation, hiring a professional accountant is highly recommended. BOMCAS, a leading corporate tax preparation accountant in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, offers a range of specialized services to ensure your tax returns are filed correctly and on time. They understand the unique challenges faced by businesses and provide personalized solutions to optimize your tax strategy.

By entrusting your corporate tax preparation to professionals, you can reap numerous benefits:

  1. Expertise and Knowledge: Professional accountants have a deep understanding of the tax laws and regulations, keeping up to date with any changes that may affect your business. They can provide valuable insights and guidance to optimize your tax planning.

  2. Minimized Tax Liability: Corporate tax accountants have the expertise to identify deductions, credits, and incentives that can help reduce your tax liability. They will ensure you take full advantage of all available opportunities to save money.

  3. Accurate and Timely Filing: Filing your corporate tax returns accurately and on time is crucial to avoid penalties and interest charges. Professional accountants have the expertise to prepare and file your returns efficiently, ensuring compliance with all legal requirements.

  4. CRA Audit Support: In the event of a CRA audit, professional accountants can represent your business and handle all communication with the tax authorities. They will ensure all necessary documentation is in order and help resolve any issues that may arise.

Essential Steps in Corporate Tax Preparation

Corporate tax preparation involves a series of steps to ensure accurate and compliant filing. Let's explore the key stages involved in preparing your corporate tax returns:

1. Gathering Financial Information

The first step in corporate tax preparation is gathering all relevant financial information. This includes your company's balance sheet, income statement, payroll records, sales records, and any other financial documentation necessary for accurate reporting. Organizing your financial records throughout the year will streamline this process.

2. Classifying Income and Expenses

Properly classifying your income and expenses is essential for accurate tax reporting. This involves categorizing your revenue and expenses into appropriate accounts, such as sales, salaries, rent, utilities, and professional fees. Working with a professional accountant can ensure you categorize your transactions correctly.

3. Calculating Taxable Income

Once your income and expenses are classified, you can calculate your taxable income. This involves subtracting eligible deductions and credits from your total revenue. Professional accountants are well-versed in identifying deductions and credits specific to your industry, ensuring you take full advantage of available tax benefits.

4. Preparing Financial Statements

Financial statements, such as the income statement and balance sheet, are essential components of your corporate tax return. These statements provide a snapshot of your business's financial position and help determine your tax liability. Professional accountants can prepare accurate financial statements that comply with accounting standards.

5. Completing Tax Forms

Completing the necessary tax forms is a crucial step in corporate tax preparation. In Canada, businesses typically file the T2 Corporation Income Tax Return. This form requires detailed information about your company's income, expenses, assets, liabilities, and tax calculations. Professional accountants are well-versed in completing these forms accurately and ensuring compliance with all reporting requirements.

6. Reviewing and Verifying Information

Before submitting your tax return, it is essential to review and verify all the information provided. This includes double-checking calculations, ensuring all relevant documents are attached, and verifying that the return reflects your company's financial activities accurately. Professional accountants conduct thorough reviews to minimize the risk of errors and omissions.

7. Filing the Tax Return

Once you are confident that your tax return is accurate and complete, it is time to file it with the CRA. The filing deadline for corporate tax returns is typically six months after your fiscal year-end. Filing your tax return on time is crucial to avoid penalties and interest charges.

8. Paying Taxes Owed

Along with filing your tax return, you must also pay any taxes owed to the CRA. The payment deadline is typically two months after your fiscal year-end, with an extended deadline of three months for Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPCs) with active business income. Professional accountants can help ensure you meet your tax payment obligations on time.

Maximizing Tax Benefits and Credits

One of the key advantages of working with corporate tax accountants is their ability to identify and maximize tax benefits and credits. Let's explore some of the most common tax benefits and credits available to businesses in Calgary, Alberta, Canada:

  1. Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Credit: The SR&ED credit encourages businesses to invest in research and development activities. It allows eligible businesses to deduct a portion of their R&D spending from their taxable income.

  2. Investment Tax Credit (ITC): The ITC provides tax relief to businesses that invest in eligible assets, such as machinery, equipment, and technology. It allows businesses to deduct a percentage of their investment costs from their tax liability.

  3. Small Business Deduction: Canadian Controlled Private Corporations (CCPCs) that meet certain criteria are eligible for the small business deduction, which reduces the tax rate on their active business income.

  4. Capital Cost Allowance (CCA): CCA allows businesses to deduct the cost of depreciable assets over time, reflecting the wear and tear or obsolescence of those assets. Properly claiming CCA can help businesses reduce their taxable income.

  5. Employment Tax Credits: Businesses that hire specific types of employees, such as apprentices, students, or individuals from underrepresented groups, may be eligible for employment tax credits. These credits provide incentives to employers and support job creation.

Professional accountants specializing in corporate tax planning have an in-depth understanding of these tax benefits and credits. They can assess your eligibility, ensure proper documentation, and help you take full advantage of available tax incentives.

The Importance of Compliance and Audit Support

Compliance with tax laws and regulations is crucial for businesses to avoid penalties and maintain financial stability. BOMCAS Canada Accounting and Tax Services is a renowned accounting firms providing services to clients across Calgary.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) conducts regular audits to ensure businesses are complying with tax laws. Being prepared for an audit is essential to minimize disruption and potential penalties. Professional accountants can assist with CRA audits by:

  • Preparing Documentation: Professional accountants can help you gather and organize the necessary documentation for the audit, ensuring you have all the required records to support your tax filings.

  • Representing Your Business: During the audit process, professional accountants can act as your representative, communicating with the CRA on your behalf. They have the expertise to address any concerns raised by the auditors and present your financial information accurately.

  • Identifying Compliance Risks: Professional accountants can conduct internal audits to identify potential compliance risks within your business. They can help you address any areas of non-compliance and implement measures to mitigate future risks.

  • Resolving Issues: If the audit uncovers any discrepancies or issues, professional accountants can guide you through the process of resolving these matters. They can help you navigate tax appeals, objections, and disclosures effectively.

By working with professional accountants who specialize in corporate tax preparation and compliance, you can ensure your business remains in good standing with the CRA and minimize the risk of penalties or legal consequences.

Finding the Right Corporate Tax Accountant in Calgary

Now that you understand the importance of corporate tax preparation and the benefits of working with professional accountants, it's crucial to find the right accounting firm for your business. Consider the following factors when choosing a corporate tax accountant in Calgary:

  1. Experience and Expertise: Look for accountants with extensive experience in corporate tax preparation and a deep understanding of the tax laws and regulations relevant to your industry.

  2. Reputation and Client Reviews: Research the reputation of accounting firms and read client reviews to ensure they have a history of providing high-quality service and client satisfaction.

  3. Personalized Service: Choose an accounting firm that offers personalized service and takes the time to understand your business's unique needs and goals.

  4. Industry Knowledge: Consider accounting firms that have experience working with businesses in your industry. Industry-specific knowledge can be invaluable in optimizing your tax strategy.

  5. Communication and Accessibility: Effective communication is essential when working with an accountant. Choose a firm that is responsive, accessible, and proactive in keeping you informed about your tax planning and filings.

By carefully evaluating these factors, you can find a corporate tax accountant in Calgary who will be a valuable partner in your business's financial success.


Corporate tax preparation is a critical aspect of running a successful business in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. By enlisting the expertise of professional accountants, such as BOMCAS, you can optimize your tax strategy, minimize your tax liability, and ensure compliance with all legal requirements. These accounting firms have a proven track record of providing exceptional corporate tax preparation services, helping businesses achieve financial stability and growth. Make the right choice for your business and embark on a journey towards financial success with professional corporate tax preparation in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

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